Thursday, July 10, 2008

Harmonious Haven

Here is another house I remodeled for MATY's EAxis House of Fail for July 2008.  Today's date is actually August 20, 2010, but I just don't want to push out my newer posts with my older stuff. I'm just trying to archive all my lots in my blog.

Here is the original lot that came in the lot bin with Seasons.  Like most of the pre-built homes in the Sims 2, it is not a house I would ever use for my sims.  It is not a harmonious haven at all to me.

This to me... a little more harmonious.

Yes, this house did come with an indoor pool originally, and part of the challenge was to leave it.  I would think in real life in would be quite impractical for most people.

This one was $150K -- down to §87K after the magic wand. I tried to keep it to awesomespecs. I used all EPs through FreeTime, and have Family Fun and Celebrations stuff packs installed, although I tried not to use anything from the SPs, so they may not be required. A copy of the lot was playtested, and everything seemed to work well.

Download Harmonious Haven (725.4 KB)

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