Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Twilight: Bella Swan's House

I finally have DSL, and I thought I would celebrate by finally posting a new house.  I did the best I could on the floorplan and decorations within the limits of building in The Sims 2, and the custom content I have.  I had to watch a lot of Twilight and New Moon, but I enjoyed it. ;)

The New Moon movie added the bay window on the side of the house as part of Bella's bedroom, although it really doesn't work with the floor plan for that to be a part of her room unless hers is the only upstairs room. In my version, the bay window is in Charlie's bedroom.  The most important window for Bella is the front window, the one that Edward frequently climbs through.  Of course, Jacob also climbed through once in New Moon.

Here is a night view of the house.

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