Friday, June 27, 2008

190 Sim Lane


My version

The real date is actually August 20, 2010, but I thought I'd go back in time and blog this Maxis Makover I did back then and posted to MATY's EAxis House of Fail Makeover Challenge.  I just don't want to push out my newer posts with my older stuff.

I used all the expansion packs through FreeTime, plus Family Fun and Celebrations stuff packs.  I don't think I used any items from the stuff packs, so they may not be required.  The house's value started out at around §192K, but thanks to the Pescado's magic wand, the price is now about §110K.  The house is mostly up to awesomespecs, although the nursery is upstairs because it really didn't fit anywhere else.  I also put in too many flowers and shrubs.  I realized this when my sims couldn't pay their gardener one day and he quit coming, as they had to waste a great deal of their own time watering flowers and trimming shrubs.  Other than those two details, the house is very playable, IMO.

There is a kitchen counter in one side of the nursery to hold a smart milk dispenser.  The teddy bear is on there as a placeholder to keep your sims from preparing dinner upstairs.

Requires: All EPs through FreeTime, plus Family Fun and Celebration SPs

Download 190 Sim Lane (874.5 KB)


Nonikk said...

Ah - very nice! I've always liked the looks of this house, but never figured out how to change it so it would be more liveable. But then, I'm not a builder. I really, really like your houses!

Twoflower said...

Yay, a comment! Thanks so much, Nonikk. :) I really do enjoy building sim houses, sometimes more than actually playing the game.