Monday, July 28, 2008

Sears Modern Homes No. 137 Update: Contacting our state's Attorney General got our internet problems fixed free of charge. It's amazing how much better customer service is when they have that kind of motivation to succeed. We didn't have to talk to a single person in India this time, either. As it turns out, the problem was that the power cord to our modem was defective, causing the modem to go out during the peak energy usage times of the day because it wasn't getting 100% full power. Weird. Took the poor repair guy hours to find the problem.


On to the main topic of this post, which is another Sears home. When I saw the picture, I fell in love with the house and I had to build it right away. The house is fully furnished on a 2x2 lot for §79,193 with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a full daylight basement.

Important: Marvine's Spiral Stairs need an animation file which is included in my lot's .zip file, but it is not inside the .sims2pack file. You just need to make sure that the animation file ends up in your Downloads folder when you install the lot. If you use folders inside your Downloads folder, make sure the Spiral Stairs and the animation file end up in the same folder.

This is the picture and plan that I built the house from. Supposedly, it's a house plan from 1911.


Main Floor:


Custom Content Credits:

Nengi at Sims Crossing - darkened brick floor, Festive 2x1 Tablecloth, "Seasons" curtains, and Simple Kitchen Curtains

MaryLou at MTS2 - two windows from her Independent Expressions sets.

Marvine at MTS2 - Spiral stairs and matching fence

Marina from Marina's Sims - Gable Ornament and recolor

Ailias at MTS2 - Edge smoother fence

Maxis "Missink Point Mystery Topiary" and "Poinsettia Gift Pack"

Requires: all EP's up to FreeTime. I also have Family Fun and Celebration SP's, although those are probably not required, especially if you install the house with Sims2Pack Clean Installer.

Download Here (2.3 MB .zip)

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