Monday, September 13, 2010

102 Firefly Pass

This is my version.

I volunteered to makeover this house for Nikki who commented on my blog. It's a house that came with Seasons that is located in Riverblossom Hills. It's a pretty nice house, but needed a bit of help. I didn't change as much as I usually do, but I knocked out all the inside walls and rearranged them. I redid the roof, decorated the lot a little, and I fixed the silly deck on the back of the house that had a weird slot in it for the tree. That didn't make sense - it's not like a gardener needs to get in there to water the tree. 

This is the original house.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Hearty Home - a requested Maxis makeover

My version.

I received a request to rebuild Hearty Home about a week ago.  It came in the lot bin with the Seasons EP.  I had a lot of fun doing a makeover on it. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, although I did forget to add all the light fixtures I meant to, oops. I kept all the outside walls intact, but knocked out and rebuilt all the interior walls. I changed the windows, doors and decor, although I did stick with mostly Seasons stuff. I changed the roof and added a loft bedroom and bathroom that is weatherproof for Seasons. I expanded the porches and added a sun porch to the front of the house. I also added a deck to the back and a greenhouse. I knocked out the bathroom wall in the separate building and added on a bathroom, making it a bigger building which will be a nice home business, or could be used for something else. I kept the ponds as they are and changed the fencing and flooring on the bridge and added a little arch to it..

I did briefly playtest a copy of the lot, and didn't find any problems.

The original lot.

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