Friday, February 6, 2009

Apple Grove Wedding Chapel

Exterior View

I built this church for my Prosperity neighborhood so my sims from Apple Grove could get married in a nice place that is always ready for a wedding. In the basement of the church and the reception hall there is an area for your sims to dress and get ready if you need it. Obviously, it is a good idea to check before they leave their house to make sure they have good formal wear. There are also restrooms in case your sims need freshening up or drink too much champagne.

For best results, I have my sim form a group for an outing with their intended spouse and the wedding guests. Other sims will also show up at the church since it's a community lot. It would be best to wait to invite the group until your sim is at the wedding chapel and ready to get married (they will need a cellphone for this), as that gives you more time to work on getting a good outing score. It your have the ceremony first, most guests should be changed into formal clothing. I also use a nifty little "formal sign" you can get on Simlogical to get the late arrivals and wedding crashers to change in formal wear. Next, you can have your sims head over to the reception hall for wedding cake. There is also a buffet, although I don't usually use it. After cake, there will be many, many toasts to the bride and groom.

I hope you enjoy this lot, and I wish your sims best wishes and congratulations on their upcoming nuptials!

Wedding Chapel

Wedding Chapel

Reception Hall

Reception Hall

Dressing Area/Restroom


Main Floor

Lot Details:
3x1 Lot
Cleaned with Sims2Pack Clean Installer

Custom Content Included:
- Cupid Commando's Action Cherub! Sculpture by Maxis
- Missink Point Mystery Topiary by Maxis
- Medieval Maxis Match Bench by Ailias

Sims 2 and all Expansions including Mansion & Garden
Requirements note: I also have Family Fun and Celebration SP's, which ARE REQUIRED on this lot unless you install the lot with Sims2Pack Clean Installer.

Download Here (2.3 MB)

Also available on MTS2 Here

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darlene said...

I really love this Chapel, an you please upload another version of this chapel because I only have nightlife, celebrations, and Free Time EPs. Thank you.