Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Original "The Burrow"

After I rebuilt the original Weasley Burrow because of the non-level edges issue I mentioned in my previous post, I discovered that with LotAdjuster it could be fixed. This is called Murphy's Law, but that's OK. So, I loaded The Basegame + University on my hubby's computer, fiddled with LotAjuster, and yada, yada, yada... the lot is now flat. So here are some original upload pics from when I put it on the exchange in July 2005, and apologize that they're small and can't be enlarged when you click on them:

Sorry, but the pictured car and cowplant are not included

The car has run away to the Forbidden Forest, and the cowplant and other reward objects may have been stolen by Mundungus Fletcher. :(

I'm sharing the original lot because I figure that someone out there won't have all the expansions I do, but might have at least University. Use this lot at your own risk, however I have tried it out on two of my computers with no problems. The lot is very similar to the one I rebuilt, although there are minor differences. I think the lot costs about §100K.

Requires: Sims 2 + University EP

Download Here (1.7 MB .zip)

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