Wednesday, March 14, 2012

1055 East Leisure Lane - Jocque House Makover

This is my second Maxis makeover home from Desiderata Valley.  This is the Jocque home.

If you've ever played Desiderata Valley, then you will probably remember this house.  I really don't like how it looks.  The obvious idea would have been to use the humongous attic area for more living space, but I just really don't like that roof, and the front of the house is very plain and flat.  Then there's the other problem of the uneven lot edges which I flattened using the Lot Adjuster.

I still ended up adding a large attic, which is now a game room/gym.

This is the view from the other side of the attic.


Living room

Another view of the living room.


Violet's bedroom.  There is an empty bedroom next to Violet's that is the same size, perfect for another child.

Master bedroom

As you can see, I added space above the front porch, which is now part of the master bedroom.

Main floor - Sophia, glowing toddler and bathtub bubbles in the living room (from upstairs) not included.  On the top left is a nursery, but it could be used for a home office or a bedroom.

Upstairs - Marcel and Violet not included.  The whole house is still somewhat sparsely furnished, but that keeps the price down, making this 4 bedroom 2 1/2 bath home quite affordable.


This lot requires every EP, plus Mansion & Garden, Family Fun, Celebration, and IKEA.  If you want the neutral roof recolor with the white trim by Neveah223, you'll have to download it here.

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