Friday, February 17, 2012

250 Main Street - Aspir House Makover

I thought I'd take a short break from Apple Grove and my UGG Legacy to play in Desiderata Valley.  I decided to start with the Aspir family, who live at 250 Main Street.

This is the original house.  I detest most of the pre-built houses that come with the game, although admittedly, this is one of the better ones.  Because of my dislike for the houses, I usually don't play the pre-made families.  But, I do really like the Desiderata Valley families, so I thought I'd try playing them while remodeling.

These are the Aspirs in case you haven't played them before.  On the left, Elizabeth is holding little Pauline.  In the middle is her husband Victor.  On the right is Victor's father, Luis.

This is their lot after a week of play.  I had the Aspirs all out on the lawn on day 1.  Before I remodeled, I used Lot Adjuster to fix the uneven lot edges and flattened the lot.  Then, I took out all the furniture, deleted the roofs, gutted the inner walls, and rebuilt and rearranged.  Most of the furniture is what they started with.  Eventually, I rebuilt the larger house 4 tiles to the right because I thought the driveway would be more useful to everyone if it were in the center.  I added a small garage so Luis could keep his model train out of the weather.

Here's an overall view of the rebuilt houses.  The interior main floor of the larger house turned out to be similar to the original house plan.  The smaller house is completely different, although the stairs are in the same spot - they just come out in a different direction at the bottom.  I couldn't completely change the smaller house because the stairs were built with a stage which apparently can never be deleted once the lot has been played. :P

Both houses have actual attics now.  On the outer edges, some of the walls are shortened to fit under the roof.  Keep in mind that if you rearrange or add stuff next to the shortened walls you will have to use "moveobjects on", and some things may not be accessible to your sims - so be sure to test what works there, okay?  Generally, they cannot stand or walk in the shortened area, but can use things like desks that are against the wall, or can sleep in a bed that is against the wall.  But you don't have to put stuff there unless you want to.

This is just a closer view of the house where Luis lives.  Luis is the widowed grandfather who is a knowledge sim and a retired city planner.  His hobby is tinkering.

Up in the attic is a magical lamp.  It probably only has one wish left on it, but maybe you'll get lucky and it will have reset for you.

This is the main house where Luis' son Victor lives with his wife Eliazbeth and their daughter Pauline.  Victor is a family sim who loves cooking.  Elizabeth is a fortune sim who loves film and literature.  Pauline is just a toddler, but will love cooking like her dad when she grows up.

The attic has a new bathroom, and a bedroom for Pauline when she gets big enough to climb stairs.  There's another upstairs bedroom in case the Aspirs have another child.  Victor definitely wants more children.

This is just a view of the smaller house with Luis in his new kitchen.

This is in the main house looking from the kitchen into the dining area.

There's plenty of room for dancing in the open floor plan.

Even if you don't want cake, the kitchen is really awesome.

The master bedroom.  It's not big, but it's big enough.

I gave Luis a secondary aspiration of Popularity, so he loves to have parties - at his son's nice house.  ;)

BTW, the larger house house is officially headmaster-approved!  ;)  He gave them 50 tour points starting from the living room (next to the piano), the nursery, the main bathroom, and then the kitchen.

After a week of play, this was the depreciated lot value.  Before I touched it, it started out at §126,775

And here's the included cc:

This lot requires every EP, plus Mansion & Garden, Family Fun, Celebration, and IKEA.  If you want the neutral roof recolor with the white trim by Neveah223, you'll have to download it here.

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