Monday, November 30, 2009

Watervista Palace

I haven't posted anything in a few months, but I thought I would give it a try today. Part of the reason I haven't posted is the frustration I feel with my dial-up internet. My satellite internet equipment got fried this summer by lightning, which was in a way a blessing. It was overpriced, and we didn't feel it was worth replacing. Dial-up is terrible, but much cheaper. It just makes it difficult to blog anything with pictures, but I'll survive.

Watervista Palace is a semi-secret lot in Belladonna Cove - the neighborhood that came with the Apartment Life expansion pack. I say it's semi-secret because you can actually see it. It's by itself over by some rocks and has its own little stretch of road. The lot is supposed to be Baba Yaga's hut, a witch of Russian folklore that lived in a hut on chicken legs with no windows or doors. Well, it's of little use to me in it's original state.

I remodeled this house for a MATY House of Fail/Phail challenge for November 2009. As you can see, it's a residential lighthouse. It has 5 bedrooms - each with its own bathroom plus an additional full bath by the nursery and 2 half baths. The double nursery is on the second floor. There are a lot of doors that can be locked to keep visitors somewhat contained. I have thoroughly playtested it for over a week, and it wasn't too bad to play with all the floors, IMO. With a few exceptions, most of the interesting stuff should happen on the bottom two floors. The cost is $72,195. I have all the EPs, M&G, Celebration, and Family Fun.

Here it is from the neighborhood view. I stuck it in a blank spot in Bluewater Village, where it seems to work quite nicely.

Night view from back side.

Living room looking into kitchen.

Kitchen looking into living room.

Top floor: easels, chess set, telescope (looks positioned kinda funny, but has been tested), and a gnome to kick around.

4th floor: 2 double bedrooms

3rd Floor: 3 single bedrooms

2nd Floor: Double nursery, etc.

1st floor: Living room, kitchen, dining, etc.

Lot Details:
4x4 lot
no cc
5 bedrooms
6 bathrooms + 2 half baths
double nursery

Requires All EPs + Mansion & Garden 

Requirements note: I also have Family Fun and Celebration SP's, although those may not required, especially if you install the house with Sims2Pack Clean Installer.

Download Here (988.7 KB)

Thank you to
simslifestories for her tutorial on saving an occupied lot to the lot catalog - without saving the sims.

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