Monday, November 30, 2009

Stay-Cation Lots: Mini Mountain, Takemizu, Twikkii + Apple Grove Cabins & Camping

Since I play a Prosperity Challenge, I had the desire to have my sims earn vacation memories. I've never had a sim yet earn all the memories, but a couple of them are close. What I found helpful was to give them a head start by creating some community lots that feature some of the things they could get on vacation. That simplified their time to allow them to do the stuff they can only earn on vacation like learning the different massages, going on disappointing tours, chasing the ninja around, etc.

This first lot is the Mini Mountain lot where your sims can pretend to be at Three Lakes.

Here they can throw axes, roll on a log, look at tree rings, and eat flapjacks.

This is the Mini Takemizu lot where sims can pretend to be in the Far East.

Here they can rake the zen garden, toss coins in the shrine, play mahjong, drink tea, and eat chirashi.

At the Mini Twikki lot, your sims can learn to sing an annoying sea chantey from a ghost pirate, explore the pirate ship, make an offering in the temple fountain, eat pineapple surprise, and learn fire dancing.

Apple Grove Cabins & Camping is a good place for neighborhood sims to go spend the night.

They have the option of sleeping in a tent and room service is also available. There is also the option of catching a few fish in the pond and grilling your dinner to save money.

Looking at these last two pictures, at the very least you will be able to acquire these memories from these lots.  Without leaving the neighborhood, you could also dig for treasure on any lot.  If you have a beach lot in your neighborhood, remember that you can dig for seashells on any beach lot.  You can also have your sims take pictures anywhere they happen to be and order the photo album at home to earn that memory.  Once some of the sims in your neighborhood have learned the dance and gestures, learning those may also be an easy (and very annoying) thing to accomplish in the neighborhood.

Even though there are no memories involved, souvenirs are for sale at each of the three mini vacation lots.  You will need to download Lord Darcy's Vacation Souvenirs Buyable Everywhere that will allow you to buy them in the neighborhood.  I also recommend downloading MaryLou & Numenor's Postcards Galore! postcard racks.  They are a fun addition to the game.  They could not be included in the lots because they will not package all the parts you need with the lot.

Custom Content Credits:
Numenor's Outdoor Lantern is included in the Mini Mountain lot and Apple Grove Cabins & Camping.
Dr. Pixel's Thatched Roof Outhouse is pictured in the Mini Twikkii lot, although I didn't include it.  Instead, I made an outhouse out of a toilet stall that looks similar just to cut back on the custom content.

Requires All EPs + Mansion & Garden

Requirements note: I also have Family Fun and Celebration SP's, although those may not required, especially if you install the house with Sims2Pack Clean Installer.

Download Mini Mountain (617.1 KB)

Download Mini Takemizu (396.2 KB) - no CC

Download Mini Twikkii (292.8 KB) - no CC

Download Apple Grove Cabins & Camping (540.2 KB)


Kiara said...

Thanks for these, I love the idea :)

Twoflower said...

Thank you so much, Kiara! :) You're very welcome. I wanted my sims to get all the vacation memories, and this made it a little easier for them to do everything.