Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2 Affordable Avenue - No CC

This is the second in my series of affordable family houses that are under §50,000 with at least 3 decent-sized bedrooms. I thought while I was building these for me, maybe others out there are looking for the same thing.

This particular house would be nice for a growing family of up to 6 sims. It has few decorative items, but it has nice furniture and plenty of room.

Lot details:
3x3 lot
no cc
3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
space for driveway and garage (you will need to add driveway & extension pieces as your funds allow)


Sims 2 and all Expansions including Mansion & Garden
Requirements note: I also have Family Fun and Celebration SP's, although those may not required, especially if you install the house with Sims2Pack Clean Installer.

Download Here (496.8 KB)

Also available on MTS2 Here


Nikki said...

I love your rebuilds. I am spacially challenged, so I could never do that. You mentioned accepting challenges from house of fail. I was wondering if you accept a challenge from me? If so, here it is:
There is a pre made house in the lots bin called "hearty home." It's not the worst, I just think it has lots of room for improvement. It has a narrow boxy feel and the bedrooms are awkward. I don't want a mansion but I'd like it to have a better flow and not feel so cramped. I only have two parameters I'd like you to work with. First, it has a country home feel and I'd like to keep that way. Secondly, it has a detached building that's essentially a box with a bathroom. I'd like to keep it. I don't care if you expand it or change the layout, I'd just like to keep it detached. I think it's great for a home business. It keeps the family home separate. It's attached to the house by a cool bridge. I think it's cute. If you can't make it work with your redesign, that's ok, I just thought it was a neat touch. This is my first blooging experience, I hope you accept.

Twoflower said...

Hi Nikki! Thanks for your comment. I will be glad to give the makeover a try. I'm really glad you asked me, because it sounds like fun. :) I will post it when I finish.