Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fort Gnome Military Base

I'm finally getting around to posting this lot that I made a few years ago - a military base for Sims 2 based on the Fort Gnome military base in Sims 3.  I finished it, but like most things I build, I get about 99% done and get bored before and move on before posting it.  I had to use my imagination on the inside of the building.  Because it's a huge lot and everything is built diagonally, it was a real challenge to furnish it.  There is not a lot in there for that reason.  I made it into a community lot, but I suppose it could also work as a residential lot.

From the side view, you can see that I found a way to make some custom content water tanks and ladders look like the guard towers. 

Back of building.

Ground floor - Kitchen, dining, and infirmary.

 Second floor - available space - plus bathrooms.

Top floor - barracks and bathrooms for male and female soldiers.

Custom Content:

Requirements: I have all the EP's and all the SP's except Glamour Life.  If you use Clean Installer to install these, you may get away with not having all the Stuff Packs, but you must have Mansion and Garden.


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